Early LED Watches

by Volker Weber


Just stumbled across this site with a comprehensive collection of early LED watches. My father bought this watch in the early 70s and it must be around our house somewhere. The Pulsar is not one of the el cheapo watches you could buy at bargain prices. I think I have to go look for it and wear it. Probably way cool today. Anyone remember Theo Kojak?


Theo Kojak? Last I heard, he moved to Germany and took up computers.

Entzückend, Baby.

Oliver Tunnat, 2003-04-17

I actually have one of these http://www.ledwatches.net/photo-pages/pulsar-calculator2.htm
It has a "mercury switch" if you flick your wrist the display come on! cool ;-)

Mike Golding, 2003-04-17

I got several of these watches at my homepage, http://renderzone.tk or http//people.freenet.de/rendered/led.htm

many vintage 70s LED watches, boy I LOVE LED watches!!!!




Stefan, 2003-11-28

I have an old hamilton LED watch. The numbers on the back of the watch is, 999574 and 203512. Can not find battries for it anywhere. Possible sale for spare parts. I beleive it may have been manufactured early to mid-70s. Hour and minute adjustments are on the back of the watch. Hamilton, sugessted I try your site.

tom elmore, 2005-02-18

Does anyone have an LED watch for sale? Cheap please, I'm a student!
Email me

Colin McMahon, 2005-11-21

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