SNAPPS releases AnyPlace Administrator

by Volker Weber

Quoting from their white paper:

With the release of QuickPlace 3.0 in October 2002, IBM removed and did not replace a web-based tool called the QuickPlace Admin Utility that was available in QuickPlace 2.08 (the one point release only, which was current from July 2001 to October 2002). The reason for this is that IBM exposed a new Java XML API (QPAPI for short). This QPAPI exposed these and many additional commands to developers, the idea being that developers could then program interfaces for XML-based instruction sets. However the skill set to create an interface like this is very high end, requiring multiple programming language skills and a deep understanding of Team Workplace administration. This is a fairly rare combination.

SNAPPS AnyPlace Administrator is the answer to this problem. Through a web-based interface, AnyPlace allows the Team Workplace administrator to perform over 95% of the command-line functions exposed by the QPAPI, and 100% of the functions required for day-to-day management of a Team Workplace service.

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