Acer Bluetooth USB dongle

by Volker Weber


I just love this device. It is very small, lightweight and adds Bluetooth capability to PCs and Macs. On the Mac it is pure plug&play. On PCs you have to install the Bluetooth stack that comes with the device.

I already own two of these sticks and will most likely buy more.


What's so good about the Acers? Are there any other good brands?

Tobias, 2003-04-29

Acer is only the brand printed on the shell. It is made by Cambridge Silicon Radio.

Volker Weber, 2003-04-29

This Bluetooth Dongle is the cheapest and it works great. I have one.

Micke, 2003-09-29

Found the acer BT-500 to be one of the cheapest. As mentioned - it installs easily (appart from the request for some files from windows service pack 4 - which I ignored) and transfers data back and forth between my S55 and Laptop. Hope to integrate an ipaq soon!
Apart from that - very nice site. Clean design. Informative.

Thomas, 2003-12-09

Does anybody know if the bt 500 dongle works with a logitech headset HS01-V16? If so , what software are you using?



David McDonald, 2005-12-28

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