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by Volker Weber


We haven't had a current image in ages. This one was taken 2pm today. :-)



Stefan Smalla, 2003-04-24

Man that was scaryl Wasn't expecting a VW head shot.


Bruce Elgort, 2003-04-24


Oliver Tunnat, 2003-04-24

Do you suggest, I change the headline to "Frightens young children" ? :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-04-24

I appreciate, how decently the Big Blue photographer
included the product placements ;-).

The ThinkPad logo is rotated by almost 225 degrees and you can only guess the existence of the Lotus logo in the background. However, is this kind of sponsoring already a solid business model for your blog? (you can reply in private mail ;-)).

Rainer, 2003-04-24

I have LOTS of product placements in vowe's choice. :-)

And this is a genuine Stinkpad, not one prepared for TV. Apple has learned this when they moved from the black Powerbooks to the white iBooks and metal PowerBooks. Now the logo is no longer upside down. As far as the Lotus logo is concerned, that is one of my favorite posters: "Knowledge is power - if you can find it". That was the sleeve for a Wall Street Journal at Lotusphere 2001, if I remember correctly. Way back when Lotus was still talking about Knowledge Management.

Volker Weber, 2003-04-24

Guten Tag!

Since you've been on your Mac journey for a while now I’d have expected a different logo… of course the Groove logo would have been nice, too. :-)


Ulli Mueller, 2003-04-24

Does Groove make notebooks now? :-)

Since I don't own a travelling Mac yet (Heidi was a loaner), I am still working with Charlie, as reported here. And as you probably know, you don't see me in Groove very often right now. I just make sure that I turn it on at least once every 3 weeks. You may want to turn that number up a few notches. In Europe, people can be away from their computer for more than 4 weeks. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-04-24


You are awesome man!


Alex Hernandez, 2003-04-24

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