by Volker Weber

Just wanted to check out the website for the Admin 2003 conference in Munich next week — no, this is not The View running this one. Sadly I had to turn down my second invitation due to some scheduling conflicts. Since I did not know the conference web address I checked with Groupware Magazin first, where I hit this error message:


First I thought they would be running on Domino but then I checked it again at Netcraft.

Regarding scheduling conflicts, I will also miss the DNUG conference in Hamburg next month altough I was asked to speak there since IBM chose to run their Software Symposium at the exact same time in Munich.

Attention IBM: You can check DNUG conferences all the way through to 2006 here. Sandra, do you hear me?

Update: Just received my schedule for Munich and it looks like I can make it to Hamburg as well, just in time for the party Tuesday night. Now everything depends on travel management and room availability. :-)


As you know, Sandra wasn't in charge of SWG events when Munich was scheduled. Ah, change....

Ed Brill, 2003-04-25

Yes, I am aware of this. And she had a hard time believing that DNUG plans that far in advance. That's why I linked it.

Volker Weber, 2003-04-25

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