A Windows user spends a week with a Mac

by Volker Weber

Steven Garrity writes about the Mac OS from a Windows user's perspective. And he sees a number of things that I did not see in months. One example:

osxreview_closesave.gifI came across a few particularly nice touches in OS X. When working on a document that has been changed since last saved, the window-close control (the little red orb), has a dot in the center. This indicates that if you click the close button, you will be prompted to save or discard your changes. This is a smart and unobtrusive feature that proved very useful (I happened to be working with a lot of HTML files this week).

Excellent reading.

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Thanks for that link - the comments also contain some good info. I just printed it out, not being a big one for reading long articles on the screen - with comments it runs now to 50 pages!

John Keys, 2003-04-25

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