Open Standards and Domino

by Volker Weber

Read IBMs marketing communications and find "open standards" in every second paragraph. I think it is about time to eat that dogfood. Mike Golding shows that can be done. His site validates nicely as HTML 4.01 Transitional. How about your site?


It does now. There were some strange errors with ampersands and quotes. This chart ( came in handy.

Not so strange -- I got lazy and didn't add ALT tags to two images. It would have been faster to add the ALT's in the first place.

I think my weekend project should be installing the validable and speling MovableType plug-in's.

Michael Braly, 2003-04-25

I sometimes validate as 4.01 ;-) It's usually just the front page. The W3C validator doesn't seem to like the label tags I use in forms. It's hard work doing it in Domino though, oof!

Benedict Poole, 2003-04-26

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