Weblogs around the world

by Volker Weber


Today I spotted my first referrer from Geoblog, a service that interfaces with weblogs.com. It shows you the latest weblogs posts with their location around the world. It requires two things from the weblog: a RSS feed where it pulls the latest post from and a GeoURL.

Somewhat related: When looking at your logfiles did you ever wonder, where certain visitors where originating from? Here is a nice interface from GeoBytes which help you spot the location of an IP address. I found it quite interesting that I have many readers in the Seattle area. :-)


As Haiko points out, the weblog must ping weblogs.com. So that would be the third requirement. :-) Otherwise it would not show up on weblogs.com in the first place.

Volker Weber, 2003-04-26

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