Beware of incoming Google traffic

by Volker Weber

I have been tracking incoming referrers for some time now. It gives me an indication of who links here. Early on I had blacklisted referrers from my own sites so those would not "spam" my referrer listing. Luckily Chief PHP Wrangler Stefan has implemented this as a list of substrings so I could easily avoid referrers spamming once the offending sites were known. For a long time I have blacklisted everything that looks like make money fast or nekid ladies scam.

All of the Google search sites where also blacklisted since they account for a lot of incoming traffic. The search terms are very amusing however and so I have decided to put the last 50 incoming Google referrers into a separate subsection on the side bar. Scroll down and have fun.

I expect a very high turnover for this list. I get one referrer from Google every 5 minutes so it will be interesting to check this once in a while. Thanks to Stefan for this nice hack. :-)


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