Session handouts from IBM developerWorks Live 2003 in New Orleans

by Volker Weber

Get them here while supplies last.

No, they are not available in one file. But that should not be a problem. For those who never used an ftp client, open a command prompt and enter these commands:

mget *


I prefer ncftp and bgget * & bgstart
I guess that's on of the little Linux toys that didn't make its way to the Mac world yet. :-)

Stefan Rubner, 2003-04-29

Thanks Vowe.
This is a valuable resource for those who did'nt attend DW.

Kamal Rij, 2003-04-30

Agreed; much appreciated sir!

Session information is here.

Volker Weber, 2003-04-30

I added a small batch file here. It will rename the PDFs according to the session title.

Volker Weber, 2003-05-02

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