Having fun with Google referrers

by Volker Weber

Today seems to be "Daemon Tools" day. Someone must have noticed that they are actually pretty cool because you can mount CD images in Windows - for free. That is not exactly news to the Mac crowd but you can easily please a Windows user with that. They are on vowe's choice.

I already know that I seem to be the authority on how you can join a Windows domain with XP Home, which has that feature deliberately disabled by Microsoft. It's only in the best interest of the customer, I am sure.

Recently somebody started playing with the Google referrers to put little messages in there. Hey, we have comments here on this blog, and if you need a tag board, I will be happy to install one. :-)


vowe: "Recently somebody started playing with the Google referrers to put little messages in there."

wasn't me, though...


Wolfgang Flamme, 2003-04-29

Ah, one of the usual suspects. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-04-30

Ok, I'm guilty. It was just a test: Some people do check ALL their referrers. vowe seems to be one of them ;-).

BTW: Referer or Referrer? W3C says "referer", but Webster does not like it.

Rainer, 2003-04-30

Referer or referrer?

A misspelling of "referrer" which somehow made it into the HTTP standard. A given web page's referer (sic) is the URL of whatever web page contains the link that the user followed to the current page. Most browsers pass this information as part of a request.

Source: Dictionary.com

Volker Weber, 2003-04-30

referrer - referer?
My proposal: When you are talking about the cgi-var in technical terms, use 'referer' since that's the official name. Else use 'referrer'. Like vowe (to the right).


Wolfgang Flamme, 2003-05-02

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