Palm Desktop 4.1 for Mac

by Volker Weber


Palm has the current version 4.1 now also available for the Mac. Nice addition: This droplet is a drop target for files you want to send to your handheld at the next hotsync operation.

Note to self: Test new Palm Desktop software for the Mac and see how it cooperates with XTND Connect Server. Don't want to miss any data because of two different sync schemes.


I'd love to know whether you have been able to get the Send to Handheld Droplet to work. I have reinstalled Palm Desktop 4.1 many times under X 10.3.2, but the Droplet never works. Very frustrating and so far Palm's advice (uninstall & reinstall) has done nothing for me.

Christopher Glick, 2003-12-23

you are correct, as the droplet does not work in mac os 10.3.2 and palm claims they are working on a correction (for the entire time 10.3.2 is out). It will work with Mac OS 10.3.1 if you want to go backwards! Let me know if you find a solution or you hear that Palm has made the correction. thanks

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