Apple Music Store nails it

by Volker Weber


Prediction: The Apple Music Store will be a huge success.

I browsed the new Apple Music Store yesterday and it was an excellent experience. The only downside is that I cannot buy anything today since my credit card billing address is not in the US. They are working on fixing that so I will let this aside for now.

You can browse and search by keywords. Find all the songs they carry with the word "Dreams". Bingo. The Cranberries. Double click. Plays instantly in CD-like quality. Only a 30 sec preview but that is fair enough. U2? Got it. Ah, there is a video, play it. Now that takes somewhat longer. Never mind. What did Steve Jobs play during his keynote? Radar love. Man, that was long ago. Let's hear it again. Wham bam bam ...

This is so great, I spent two hours there. Would I have bought anything if I could? You bet. Maybe only a few tracks. Three tracks, 3 bucks? That would buy me a beer at the bar. Sure, I could have it cheaper at home. But would I hold off my thirst until then? Surely not. It is the instant gratification that does the trick.

The Apple Music Store only works with iTunes. That won't be available for Windows until the end of the year. Which gives everyone else 8 months to build something equally rewarding for Windows in the meantime.

To all the others who cannot wait: The store is so good, that you should stop holding off your purchase of a Mac. Just do it.


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