CD Covers now in iTunes

by Volker Weber


Still have some work to do. Currently I have 286 albums in iTunes. 400 CDs are sitting in the big bad machine. While I relegated the CD jewel cases of those 400 CDs to storage , with iTunes I can actually look at the covers when it is playing a song. Neat.

From the Google referrers:


iTunes for Windows? Not yet, but you can apply here:

Apple Computer is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to design and build one of our newest Consumer Applications, iTunes for Windows.

[via it&w]


funny.. that display of cd covers technically constitutes adware, but it's still far more desirable than invasive porn or smallest-camera-in-the-world crap :)

alex, 2003-05-01

An ad for stuff you already own? After sales marketing. Nope. You deliberately drag a picture on the track. After you did that it will show that bitmap when the track is played.

Yes, right from the web browser. No need to download it first as a file.

Volker Weber, 2003-05-01

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