In two years, it has changed how we listen to music

by Volker Weber

Moby in the Rolling Stone:

Two years ago, I had a meeting with some people from Apple wherein I was singing the praises for iTunes. My only problem with iTunes, I said, was that there wasn't a portable MP3 player that was proprietary for the Mac. They kind of looked at each other with shifty eyes and said, "Well, we shouldn't show this to you, because it's only a prototype, but here it is . . ." and they handed me the first-ever iPod. I couldn't get my hands off of it. Now you can't imagine music any other way.

I have had mine only for three month, and it has changed the way I consume music. I have not turned on my stereo once. Music is driven by Lucy or Woodstock. OK, I have an amplifier, two very fast Canton speakers and a serious Yamaha subwoofer attached to the iMac, so it does qualify as a sound system. My neighbour was not really amused until I decoupled the boom box from the wooden floor. :-)


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