Reduced battery life

by Volker Weber

Walter Mossberg is very upbeat about the new iPod. Still it looks like he has found a major drawback:

To reduce the size of the unit, Apple had to cut the size of the battery. So, the battery life of the new iPods, while still respectable, is significantly lower than it was on the original version. The old models claimed 10 hours of battery life, but mine got 12 hours. The new models claim eight hours of battery life, but my test iPod lasted only 7.5 hours -- nearly 40% less than my old one.

So, hold on to your old iPods and don't dump them on eBay to get a new one. I trade battery life for disk space any day. As Walter I get more than 10 hours with my hearing pattern, which is: Turn it on in the morning and then let it run in shuffle play all day.

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