Hydra 1.0.1 maintenance release

by Volker Weber

Hydra made a big splash last week at the Emerging Technologies conference as Robert Kay reports:

Using Rendezvous and iChat to politely talk to other attendees during the conference enhances the experience and allows attendees to share insights gleaned from the presentations. Cool and simple, but very effective for enriching the conference.

But, that was nothing until Richard Soderberg bugged me to try out Hydra, the collaborative text editor. Hydra allows multiple people to edit a single text document at the same time. Using Rendezvous to discover fellow editors at the conference, a user can join others in editing a document. Hydra shows who is editing the document, how many changes they have made, and keeps all the changes from each of the contributors color coded to keep things attributed to their contributor.

Hydra is simply amazing. It took four students eight weeks to write this little gem for their university project in Munich, Germany. Even without the collaborative features it is an excellent editor with syntax highlighting.

Hydra is available here. There is a maintenance relase out now.


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