See Internet Explorer crash

by Volker Weber

It only takes this code:

<input type>

Try it >

To make this a fair game, this invalid code will crash Mozilla:

<fieldset style="position:fixed;">

Try it >

[via Mark Pilgrim]


It seems like even <input type> is enough. It's things like that make me love working in the software business. ;)

Martin Roell, 2003-05-03

Right. Fixed that. KISS. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-05-04

Opera 7.10 handles both cases without problems...

Jens-Christian, 2003-05-04

I liked the "to make this a fair game"-part!

Benjamin, 2003-05-05

Got any code that crashes Safari buddy?

Got any code that crashes Safari buddy?

The Mozilla crash code above does not crash my Mozilla Firebird browser. Goooooo open source, responsive community!

Mozilla 1.4+ is not vulnerable to the given 'crash code'.

Verto, 2003-07-31

my laser printer on a workgroups network of win98 starts printing junk characters suddenly by it self
continously untill all paper is over please help solve this problem

cleo, 2004-04-20

Neither version crashes my IE 5.5, for what it is worth.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2004-04-20

Nope doesnt work on eitehr case

I E 6 and Mozzila... 1.5 or something

Lachlan Davis, 2006-02-19

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