Longhorn Alpha Preview 3: Build 4015

by Volker Weber



Now of course, it's an alpha build, so fair enough. But my question is, with many people constantly beating up on Apple's Finder, why do I not see similar criticism of explorer.exe in Windoze? My machines at work, whether they're runnong 2000 Pro or XP Pro, all experience issues with that most fundamental of applications: Windows Explorer. It regularly crashes, is horribly slow, and very unresponsive.

I was hoping Longhorn would bring more to the table in that regard... ;-)

Ben Poole, 2003-05-05

I was just about to say: "You definitely don't need to run longhorn to get these messages... Admitted, the specific wording might have changed, but the underlying problem is already there since ages.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2003-05-05

seems like windows will always be windows no matter what they do...

passiert, 2003-05-05

Great achivement! A bug in a beta. WOW! Now I finally REALLY believe Windows must soooo much suck...

For the crashes of explorer: The explorer loads pretty much stuff in it's process space: Right clicking on a file will let it scan the registry for registered DLLs, that will e.g. quickly open a file and check whether it's a zip archvie and then will show a "Open with Winzip" entry in the menu.

Because so many programms register these plugins, it could be very likely that the crashes you experience are NOT Ms' fault, but e.g. the fault of a stupid toolz some of you use.

Benjamin, 2003-05-06

Benjamin, repeat after Microsoft senior vice president Brian Valentine: "Every operating system out there is about equal.... We all suck."

Volker Weber, 2003-05-06

Actually Benjamin, it's not even a beta ;-)

Re explorer: it crashes, full stop. Doesn't matter what is installed (or not). It's just too crufty, and needs an overhaul. I was hoping Longhorn would see M$ fix this. Maybe they still will. Here's hoping.

Ben Poole, 2003-05-06

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