Color coordination for web sites

by Volker Weber


While we are talking about design: Some sites have difficulties with color coordination. For instance the above color set (#79A9D2 #FFDDAA #D1DFED #C7C7C7) does not work very well. There is however an easy to use tool called colormatch which will help you develop a set of 5 complimentary colors to a given color. If we start off with #79A9D2, we get this set:



no offense, but those colours might be [logically] complimentary, but they're hardly pleasant. you can't replace a designer's common sense with a tool that makes basic calculations.

simon , 2003-05-06

Simon, that is very true. I would never have started with #79A9D2 in the first place. This tool also does not give you any hint as to where you should use them.

I have however checked a few very good corporate designs with this tool and the color schemes the designers came up with "validated" against the tool. To sum it up: a fool with a tool is still a fool.

Volker Weber, 2003-05-06

LOL indeed, perhaps designers have that tool built-in then, a way to scan colour combinations and then make choices. Then again, there are many horrific designers out there :)

simon, 2003-05-06

Anyone else have a problem using this under Mozilla 1.4a? (works fine under MS IE 6.0 and Opera 7 on my Windows machine, but not under Mozilla...). The sliders don't slide.

John Keys, 2003-05-06

Yes. And in Safari it only works until you click any of the color patches.

Volker Weber, 2003-05-06

Better, try the Traumwind 6-Colormatch:

"This tool is based on the ColorMatch 5K tool. My goal was to make it work in any modern browser (IE5+, NS6+, Mozilla).
This utility will help you select a matching 6-color palette for your website."

It doesn't have the sliders, but seems not to be limited to certain browsers.

Haiko Hebig, 2003-05-06

Well, I prefer a human choosing colors, but is a nice one Volker.


Alex Hernandez, 2003-05-08

the point is that this is available anywhere if you don't have a professional "colour-chooser" at hand

Riza Baltazar, 2009-07-03

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