Thank you soo much

by Volker Weber

I want to thank you all for the kind wishes. I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. The weather was not too nice in the morning — yes, there is rain outside of Portland :-) — but it cleared up nicely in the evening.

So we were sitting with about 25 friends in the Bayerischer Biergarten in Darmstadt and had a wonderful evening with lots of fun and chatter and some minor quantities of beer. Thank you all for coming.

Yes, you heard it right. No birthday cake. I guess it is different strokes for different folks.

One of the things I received yesterday, is a very fine album from Simply Red:

simply red home.jpg

That is currently playing on the stereo Lucy. Highly recommended !


"Minor quantities of beer" are equivalent to "larger amounts of birthday cakes"... But keeps you more relaxed when leaving the scales at morning :-)

ThanX for that evening!

Schweppes, 2003-05-11

Gern geschehen :-)
War wirklich nett. Toller Biergarten - das sollten wir vor dem 10.5.2004 nochmal wiederholen.

Das will ich meinen. Einfach bei schönen Wetter anrufen. Zu den Schandtaten bin ich jederzeit bereit. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-05-11

It never rains in Portland! You must be talking about Portland, Maine ;-)

Bruce Elgort, 2003-05-11

Es war ein sehr schöner Abend im Biergarten und ab heute wohl unser Ersatzgrieche zumindest bei schönem Wetter. Danke...

Andreas Kruemmel, 2003-05-12

Dear VoWe,

you do not know me. Once you gave me a Tip, where I can make a good Lotus Notes Training. I have done it there anf it was successful. Thank you so far. ....and I'm reading always your NEWS.

However, I only want to send you Birthday Greetings to you retroactively.

Jens Huber ( a little admin ;-)

Jens Huber, 2003-05-20

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