Centralized Lotus Notes Desktop Management

by Volker Weber

Since Heise did not want this message, I can relay it here. :-)

Icodex has an interesting tool that centrally manages Notes Desktops. Add, delete, modify and move pages. Do the same to icons. Make those icons point to different servers as you move databases. Fall back to the primary server after a cluster failover.

Very neat: Export the desktop as XML, translate it via XSLT and then display the desktop in a browser, either Notes- oder Explorer-style. They have an upcoming version in June that will also work with your bookmarks, notes.ini settings, locations and such.

Kind of inexpensive, free demo available.

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wow, that looks like a great tool... might solve some issues for us. thanks for the link!

jonvon, 2003-05-20

Hi Jonvon,

i would very much like to get in touch with you personally, but couldn't find any contact data on your website - if of any interest for you, i would be happy if you emailed me at


thanks in advance and best regards,

Florian Vogler, 2003-05-22

yeah, this looks great (www.icodex.com/united)! wonder, if this is really autoprocessed (except first and last "workspace page")?

Siegi, 2003-07-07

yep, it sure is autoprocessed - even including first and last "workspace" page ;-) (you can pass alternate page links (as well as database icon links to the XML / portal)

Florian Vogler, 2004-08-23

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