What a fat book

by Volker Weber


Back home from Hamburg safe and sound. Brian Benz lugged a three and a half pound book, that he and Rocky Oliver wrote together with Richard Schwartz, all over the pond. So I am not complaining though I was really packed on my way home with all the material from Munich and Hamburg.

I guess you will be hearing more about this book but I already learned something from it : in chapter 36, page 563, it says you can download WebSphere Studio Workbench 2.01 from http://www-3.ibm.com/software/ad/workbench/. If you enter that URL however, you get redirected here, and I cannot find a free download there. Bev DeWitt mentioned in her presentation today that IBM gives it away to ISVs. Why do I want it, if I can have Eclipse for free? IBM has added a bunch of plugins that are the foundation of WebSphere Studio. If you have the Workbench, you can also use other IBM plugins that require WebSphere Studio and won't run on barebones Eclipse. Any hints where the download is now?


Volker, have a look there:


Members of PartnerWorld for Developers use your user ID and password to access the license agreement for Workbench V2.1, Workbench V2.0.3, or Workbench V1. Upon acceptance of the agreement you will be directed to the downloads, which include examples, patches, and plug-ins.

Restrictions apply...

Armin Auth, 2003-05-22

And for those who are not members of Partnerworld for Developers, registration is free.

Volker Weber, 2003-05-22

Sorry about the link - they're always risky business in a book. It takes months from the final product to the store shelf, and in the meantime Webmasters like to keep themselves busy by moving links around.

If anyone finds any other links that are out of date, please send them to me at bbenz@benztech.com. I'll make sure that updates are posted on the official book site, http://ndbible.com.

Brian Benz, 2003-05-26

Brian, no need to apologize. I understand this very well. I have registered at IBM's Partnerworld site and have received three things:

A company id, a contact id and a contact password.

However I am still unable to download the Workbench. It does not accept the id/password. I assume that my application has to be cleared by IBM first. The clock is running and I will let everyone know how long it took IBM to process it.

Volker Weber, 2003-05-26

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