Welcome Spammers

by Volker Weber

Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, writes:

Dear Spam Robot:

I don't have much time to read emails, and I especially don't have much time to read unsolicited commercial emails. But I have decided to make an exception. If you would like to send me unsolicited commercial emails, then I agree to read them on the condition that you promise to pay me $500, and subject to the additional conditions mentioned below. You can accept this offer by sending unsolicited commercial email to me at mailto:make-my-day-q2wxe4q1@pobox.com.

In accepting this offer, you also agree (1) to be subject to the laws of California for the purpose of enforcing our contract, (2) to pay any costs, including attorney fees, incurred in enforcing our contract, (3) to pay your obligation under this agreement within 10 days of sending the email, by mailing a check to me at the address referenced in the Contact section of this site, and (4) to accept service and costs associated with any bill collector that I hire to help collect obligations owed me under this contract.

Good luck with your business.


This would be fine if he hadn't just solicited the receipt of spam mails. Doh! What would be better would be a "I do not accept that you send unsolicited mail to dummy@stanford.doh and should you do so you agree to send me $500". Lets see how long before dummy@stanford.doh appears on a spam list!

Dave Meehan, 2003-05-23

IANAL, but I must assume that he has thought long and hard until he wrote that piece.

Volker Weber, 2003-05-23

And I was not aware of the fact that California has passed a law which allows him to collect the fee.

Volker Weber, 2003-05-23

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