How to make Google think you da man

by Volker Weber

I seem to be attracting lots of links from Google regarding things I am certainly not an expert in, the latest one being Libby Hoeler. So how does that happen? I am almost certain that Google gets fooled by my Google referrers. If it happens that some soul finds me as search result number 126 and he is so desparate to complete his quest that he actually clicks on it, he shows up in my referrers. Next thing is GoogleBot sees this link and awards me another entry in the database which pushes me up higher in the charts. Which attracts more referrers, that show up ... you get the drift. Sort of a self-fulfilling pagerank I guess.


Your story reminds of the problem that someone else had with TiVo ;-).

Rainer, 2003-05-26

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