Installing RedHat 9 - part three

by Volker Weber

Before I continue, Kermit shall download all the updates first:

mkdir -p /root/redhat/9.0/updates
rsync -arz /root/redhat/9.0/updates/i386
rsync -arz /root/redhat/9.0/updates/i586
rsync -arz /root/redhat/9.0/updates/i686

That's what it looks like, first the CD images and then the updates:


Then I will need to go into those directories and install them ...


Which in fact is very easy. You start out at /i686 and give the command "rpm -Fvh *.rpm". This most likely will result in an error message for afair there's already an update for glibc which in turn complains about some missing files. These can be found in /i386 so the command will look like "rpm -Fvh *.rpm ../i386/glibc-common*.rpm" (you might have to add some other glibc components as well). Next, change to i386 and give "rpm -Fvh *.rpm" as well. You're done :)

Stefan Rubner, 2003-05-30

The three posts about Redhat don't tell us WHY you now install Redhat

Bernd Zeimetz, 2003-05-30

Do I need to explain that? Hmmh. Because I can?

I try to be somewhat fluent in many areas, Linux being one of them. I always lean towards RedHat since I am somewhat more at home with it then the other distributions. I have installed and run a bunch of servers on them, even some rather complicated setups with portal framework and I like the robustness and low hardware requirements. I have an in-house Jabber server on Redhat 8 that is zero maintenance. Took three hours to build - that's it.

Does that answer the question?

Volker Weber, 2003-05-30

[root@kermit i386]# rpm -Fvh *.rpm
warning: balsa-2.0.6-2.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID db42a60e
error: Failed dependencies:
gettext is needed by mutt-1.4.1-1
[root@kermit i386]# rm mutt-1.4.1-1.i386.rpm
rm: remove regular file `mutt-1.4.1-1.i386.rpm'? y

Volker Weber, 2003-05-31

Just to make sure this won't happen again at future updates, you might want to consider "rpm -e mutt" as well. That's if you don't intend to use mutt, of course.

Stefan Rubner, 2003-05-31

And on a sidenote: To get rid of these annoying "NOKEY" messages, just give a "rpm --install /usr/share/rhn/RPM-GPG-KEY" on the command line ...

Stefan Rubner, 2003-05-31

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