Must check that list ...

by Volker Weber

Ray Ozzie explains:

you must make diligent efforts to block download/distribution to places like Cuba, Syria, Libya, Iran, North Korea, Sudan. And if you know who you're downloading to (e.g. through site or product registration) you must check to see if they're on a list of known terrorists.

I see. This is why Groove Networks forces you to enter your name and e-mail address all over again, when you go through the regular upgrade screen or when you want to download a white paper. I mean, a known terrorist would always fill out this form very carefully so he does not misspell his name, wouldn't he?

I remember these "how to download pgp" files on American ftp servers all too well. The source was always available from free countries.

Kind of reminds me of a famous quote.


I live in syria so I'm a terrorist.
I live in syria so I have no rights to download jre

Is everyone living in Syria (or the other mentioned countries) a terrorist?

Houssam Melhem, 2004-03-16

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