Migrating from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to Lotus Notes and Domino 6

by Volker Weber

This IBM Redbook describes how to migrate from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 6.

First two chapters of the redbook discuss why an organization using Exchange 5.5. would want to move to Domino 6 and what kind of benefits can be gained. We lay out the different options that such an organization has for a future messaging infrastructure and discuss the pros and cons of each alternative.

Third chapter is written for project managers responsible for planning and managing the project and IT Architects who design the migration project and the future infrastructure. We discuss various topics that should be considered during the migration project. We give guidelines for creating the project plan and detail the individual steps related to it.

The last part of the book is written for technical specialists responsible for the implementation of the project. Chapters detail different coexistence and migration scenarios. We guide the reader through step by step the installation and setup of the coexistence and migration tools. We then show how to migrate users, messaging and calendaring information. We also detail the migration and coexistence results using the tools available on the market.

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