E.T. phone home

by Volker Weber


Once in a while I receive a message via Groove that is already a few days old. Groove used to be the best way to reach me fast and in a secure way. No longer. Simple reason: It is chained to Windows and does not run on other platforms. And it has a closed protocol so nobody else can create the missing link. Yes, I know - web services, yada yada. Nevertheless I open it once in a while. It just hates to be left alone for more than two weeks. All kinds of things break after that time.

There are three better ways to get to me. E-mail works best unless you make it look like spam. :-) If I "know" you from e-mail or personal contacts then instant messaging works best. When I am online and able to receive messages you will find me on AIM as voweXXL. I use iChat on the Mac and Trillian on the PC.

If those two things fail, call me. On the mobile, since I never seem to be around the other phones. If you fail to send your caller ID it will lower your chances that I am interested in answering the call.


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