Palm Announces Acquisition of Handspring

by Volker Weber

Palm actually has two parts: Palm Solutions (devices) and PalmSource (Palm OS). PalmSource will first spin off, then Palm Solutions will merge with Handspring. A name for this new company will be announced later. "Palm Springs"? :-)

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This deal seams very beneficial to Handspring and it's shareholders. I don't think Handspring would have had a future without such a deal. I was one of the first users of a Visor DeLuxe and was pretty angry when Handspring stopped offering the springboard module in newer products. This was one of the reasons to buy a handspring in the first place.
I have once seen a guy using a handspring phone (last CeBit). Is there another Treo user out there?
The only motivation for Palm making the deal must be to get the two founders back home, or have I missed something?

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-06-04

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