Beer ice cream?

by Esther Schindler

I like beer and I like ice cream, but this is too much even for me.

Jackie Maxwell, director of Doddington Dairy said: "We were looking for an ice cream flavour that was distinctive, and had a strong identity with the region.

"Newcastle Brown Ale has all of that. "

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Oh yeah, we have this down here in New Zealand - really its malt flavoured icecream with a hint of hops in it. They actually extract some of the actual wort to make it so "beer icecream it is". If you like malt then this is a real winner! Yum!

Colin Williams, 2003-06-06

I think I read an interview with the Ben & Jerry's guys (the U.S. premium ice cream company) once where they listed "beer ice cream" as one of the prototypes that never made it into production.

Bob Balaban, 2003-06-08

Here's an easy way to see if you like the flavors of beer ice cream: make a chocolate stout float with a pint of stout, add a scoop or two of mocha ice cream, stir well and sip.

There are some specialty ice cream makers in the USA that make stout chocolate ice cream, but the hops flavor gets bitterer over time, even in the freezer. I like the floats best.

Lucy Saunders, 2003-07-14

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