Technical Briefing on Web Services

by Volker Weber

IBM recently had a free one day roadshow on Web Services with two very seasoned speakers. Low on marekting high on technical content. Yes, they are referring to IBM products but it is still excellent stuff:

Web services connection: This presentation covers the connecting technologies behind Web services, including the Web services architecture and the basics of SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, and WS-Inspection.

Web services developer productivity: This presentation covers IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer, illustrating the Web services features built in to the product. First we create a Web service from a Java bean, then we create a proxy and a test client for our service. After that, we integrate data from a DB2 database into our project and serve that relational data as part of a Web service.

Choosing the right foundation: In these slides, we look at the features of the WebSphere platform and the WebSphere SDK for Web services. We wrap up with a discussion of interoperability, including services hosted on .Net, WebSphere, and Perl, with clients written in C#, Java, and Perl for each of the three services.

Web services resources: This is the final presentation of Web Services Briefing Day; it covers lots of resources available to Web services developers. The resources include free tutorials from developerWorks, IBM Redbooks, alphaWorks tools, IBM marketing programs, and free software from Apache and

Find these presentations and more on developerWorks, more specifically on the speaker pages for Marc Colan and Doug Tidwell.


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