Speed-start your Linux app 2003

by Volker Weber


And I thought that everybody knew about this program already. :-) Well, even very well informed people didn't. There you go:

Hungry for Linux apps? We're serving up IBM middleware for Linux (DB2 Universal Database, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Studio Site Developer, WebSphere MQ, Lotus Domino, Tivoli Access Manager, and more) on a free Linux Software Evaluation Kit (SEK) -- plus all the free tech support and training you need to get started!

That's right. They will send you four CDs with free code. Sure, it's only free for a limited time but you can apply for a new license when it runs out and the code is not time bombed. The program manager does not really care. The only expensive stuff is the free tech support. And you probably won't need it anyway. These guys want developers to write applications. That's the deal.

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