Flash click to view

by Volker Weber

I can't say it better than Ned Batchelder:

If you are using Mozilla Firebird, you want to go install Flash Click to View, an oddly named, but marvelously effective extension. It only does one thing, but it does it beautifully. It replaces all Flash content with an empty box that says "flash [[Click to play]]". Of course, clicking the box plays the Flash. This extension plus the menu pick "Block images from this server" together mean that I see virtually no ads. Bliss.

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That site is a great resource; I used it to "add back" the site navigation bar, and also got some other toolbars e.g. I can now do "on the fly" HTML, CSS, Section 508 & WAI validation, check page links, and so on. Splendid.

Firebird has now supplanted Mozilla on my StinkPad.

Ben Poole, 2003-06-13

Yes, I really like that page as well.
I downloaded some extensions from there which I don't really want to miss anymore. Namely the advanced preferences, visualizing the entire "forest" of preference settings for Mozilla, usually modified via the prefs.js file. With this extension you can see all imaginable settings, easily modify them, always see the default value as well, anything I was looking for... Found some nice tweaks.
Another one is the Tab Extensions... nice features for the tabbed browsing, even though some don't seem to work in Firebird as they did in Phoenix... (e.g. opening all bookmarks from a folder each in a new tab, HINT to the developer).

Ragnar Schierholz, 2003-06-13

Yesterday I switched to Firebird and additinally installed some of the extensions. I'm satisfied with the results with one exception.
the "Flash click to view" extension has one problem. If the Flash movie is also a link ot some other destination and you click on the box to see the movie, you are redirected. So no chance to watch the movie.

Frank Stangenberg, 2003-06-17

Flash Click to view is seriously flawed--it only installs & runs as root. You should not be browsing the web as root.

Lance Haverkamp, 2003-11-08

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