An Apple a day ...

by Volker Weber


Back from the eye of the storm. Did you ever see a flying sat dish? Not the two feet diameter type, but those who are mounted on a back of a truck. Well this one made a really big dent into a 5" steel rail. The trip to the WWDC keynote was fun. Two days of talking to really bright folks who take you dead serious - no monkey business.

I also have a new favorite hotel in Berlin now. I used to like the Esplanade Grand Hotel very much. Its design is very cool, Bauhaus type. But now I have learned that the InterContinental has a new club floor with incredible features. I will be posting some pictures to my gallery tomorrow, maybe even later tonight. I don't often happen to see the same brand of TV at home and in a hotel suite. :-) As an appetizer - this was on a small table greeting me upon arrival:


Well, I got to see a lot more Apples that day. I really do like the design of the new G5 systems. Today I had the opportunity to look at them even closer. The current G4 quicksilver machines look really old in comparison. I also had the opportunity to play with the new Apple camera for half an hour and really wanted to keep it. No dice.

And BTW: I found the two commercials that made me take a closer look at both the iPod and the iMac.

Last but not least, I made some new acquaintances like Jörg, and met a lot of old ones, amongst them Cherno, Detlef, Flo, Timm.

Finally a big thank you goes to Martin K and the rest of your team. Simply the best.


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