Need help with Mac installer packages

by Volker Weber

It turns out, I was far off with my rant about the broken Notes installer. You don't need to write your own installers to spell disaster. It helps if you break the package. Here is a side by side comparison of the Notes 6.0.1 installer and the Notes 6.0.2CF1 installer that fails: (click to enlarge)


I need your help now. I know, that I can simply drag the Classic installer out of the failing package, but how do I add the symbolic link? It won't let me add anything. Or can you point me to a utility that lets me create my own installer package?


The 'View Package Contents' functionality lets you view and / or delete files in the installation package, but not add them.

commandline to the rescue!

All you have to do is copy the installer alias from a working installer package (eg 6.01). Here's how:

1. unstuff c50pqna.sit into "Install Lotus Notes" on your desktop.
2. open a terminal and "cd ~/Desktop/Install\ Lotus\"
3. remove the existing installer with "mv Installer old_Installer"
4. Copy a working "Installer" Alias file into this location using ditto. (To preserve the HFS stuff)
"ditto -rsrcFork /path/to/601/Install\ Lotus\ ."

Double click on "Install Lotus Notes" on your Desktop and off you go...

PS: Thanks for the hint with the different installers. If would not have looked at that :=/

Lukas Karrer, 2003-07-02

Thanks Lukas, good job !

Volker Weber, 2003-07-02

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