ThinkPads and Mini-PCI WLAN cards

by Volker Weber

A friend just asked me a question that I have no answer for. He wants to get an internal mini-PCI WLAN card for his IBM ThinkPad R40 (2722 3GG). However there is rumor that only IBM-branded Cisco and 3com cards work. I would have dismissed this right away, if I had not seen that IBM's Access Connections is limited to the ThinkPad, so there may in fact be some BIOS signature checking.

Does anybody have experience with mini-PCI WLAN cards in ThinkPads which are not IBM-branded? Good or bad?


just purchased an IBM TP R40 2681 F9U, and am having a real dufficult time installing anything other than an IBM branded mini pci card. This sucks because I have several other cards that work just fine in my other machines, and I feel this is just palin stupid!
I think they are giving false information when selling these machines from jump. They claim to be wireless from the start. They are wireless upgradable?? Big difference. I thought my machine would ready to go when I received it, but to my dismay, WRONG. The only cards that can be used in this machine are the Cisco brand, and the IBM high rate wireless cards. You can't even use the Intel 2100. This sucks. If you know of some workaround, please feel free to e-mail me back the directions so I won't have to purchase another thing from IBM!!
Thank You!!!
Chris Vining

Chris Vining, 2003-09-29

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