iSync, you sync

by Volker Weber


This is just one of these things that are insanely great on a Mac. So there is Lucy who has a calendar and an address book, which is used by iChat and, then there is Woodstock, which does not only play music but also can display your addresses and calendar entries. Then there is Clyde, who does the same things (and a lot more). You could be receiving new business cards by I/R or bluetooth, and finally there is a mobile phone which has its own address book and calendar. How do you keep all of those devices in sync: Pretty easy. You simply launch iSync and it will collect the data from all devices (at the same time) and distribute it back. It talks to Woodstock over firewire, to Clyde over the USB cradle and to the phone via bluetooth. Amazing.

I am missing a .Mac account because it does not make any sense to me to pay $100/year for things I already have. Well, maybe Apple will let me have one anyway. Have to ask them ...


The only thing you would really need a .Mac account for is WebDAV, which is what they use for the cool iCal sharing tricks.

I looked into running WebDAV on my Apache server, but there were several warnings of it being a resource hog with virtual sites and all of the other stuff I have running.

Michael, 2003-07-04

I actually already have a WebDAV server. But I looked around on the web and found out that is not quite easy to trick iSync into using it.

Volker Weber, 2003-07-04

I haven't yet had a chance to fully test it, but there is a product called LipSync from that sync's between Lotus Notes 6 and the Apple DBs ( Address Book, Calendar ), and then can auto launch iSync to move the Notes data to the other devices.

Joe Canadian, 2003-07-04

Hello Vowe,
Maybe you can help me out. I have been searching the web frantically trying to find information/products on how to synchronize a Lotus Notes calendar with a Mac calendar, specifically iCal.

I haven't found much and what I did find was not recommended. If you know of anything such product and could point me in the right direction, that would be absolutely wonderful.

Thank you!!


Amelia Wren, 2006-01-22

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