iSync with Lotus Notes

by Volker Weber

Note to self: Check out LipSync from Kissworks.

It lets you sync from Notes to the Mac addressbook and iCal and from there to your mobile devices. This looks rather unique. I am not sure I want to trust a stack like that but it is the first software I see that syncs Notes with mobile devices on the Mac.

[Thanks, Joe, for the hint]


LipSync is great. I have been using it since the first beta, and have had nothing but great success. Only little minor issues, that Seth fixes ASAP. Its great :)

john head, 2003-07-04

Seth also makes a Notes.ini editor for the Mac that runs in OS X. Why or why is the notes.ini file not a text file like it is on the other platform!

Joe Canadian, 2003-07-05

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