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by Volker Weber

I have moved a few things around on the site. I moved all referrers, including those from Google, to separate pages and password protected them for now. I may open them up later and just lock out spiders.

The Google referrers drew too much unwanted traffic to the site. Interestingly enough Google fools itself. As I was showing the search terms that people entered in Google before they came here, GoogleBot picked up these search terms and raised my rating for these terms. That sent a lot of intellectually challenged people here who came looking for all kinds of free stuff. I won't be missing them since they only polluted the comments and sent stupid emails.

The blogroll moved to its own page so I can add more people without making the right hand column too long. I also removed the printer-friendly pages since they were hardly ever visited.

The last measure to further reduce traffic is to cut back on the front page posts, now 10 down from 20, and on the monthly archives, now 5 down from 24.

In a week or so I will see how these measures work out.



looks tidier now.
Google: If machines were smart, one would own me.

Wolfgang Flamme, 2003-07-14

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