Web CMS no longer an application, according to IBM

by Volker Weber

You must have read this everywhere:

IBM today announced it has acquired all the outstanding shares of Presence Online Pty Ltd (doing business as Aptrix), a privately-held, Australia-based provider of web content management software.

IBM keeps bashing Microsoft for competing with their partners on applications. IBM does not do that. They only do middleware. Right? There seems to to be lots of partners, from the big guys like Interwoven, to smaller guys like Innovationgate, that sell WebCMS as an application. They will hardly be happy to compete heads on with IBM in the WebSphere or Domino space.


They will not be happy - I agree. But look at all the workflow apps that are still in the market, after all those years IBM having acquired OneStone ProcessWare and rebranded it into Lotus Workflow. There is still room for partners I guess. And in some cases, IBM realy sucked - look at the Domino EveryPlace app - it´s nothing else but an old Extended Systems app. And it will die.
So: IBM should not do the apps. But I bet they will do it again and again. Its an old game we played with Lotus and now with IBM.

Alexander Kluge, 2003-07-16

I agree with Alexander, been done before, will continue to be done. At least they buy the partner, such as Aptrix, instead of building their own that is an outright ripoff.

BTW, Alexander, you have the kewlest geek last name in the world ;)

Rock, 2003-07-16

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