Sametime 3.1 on Linux

by Volker Weber

Now that is an interesting comment to a post on Ed Brill's weblog:

Ed Brill: 07/15/2003 09:26:24
Sametime 3.1 runs on Linux
just hasn't formally been announced. Soon.

Sametime 3.1 was a stealth release. Showed up in the download area, but nobody talked about it. Looks like engineering was done when marketing was still working on the communications. :-)


Marketing launch is next week. We were working on a little acquisition and wanted to announce that first....

Ed Brill, 2003-07-16

That would be really cool. Now we just need a running and working client of R6 on Linux as well.

Thorsten Ebers, 2003-07-16

Maybe we should clarify that this is all about client support. Certified operating system versions are:

- AIX 5.1 with latest updates, CDE Desktop
- Solaris 8 with latest updates (including patches 108434-03,108435-03), CDE Desktop
- Linux Red Hat 7.2 with latest updates, Gnome Desktop

Volker Weber, 2003-07-16

And in case you are interested in SSO configurations: Netegrity SiteMinder does not support Domino R6. Because Sametime 3.1 must be installed on a Domino 6.02 server, Sametime 3.1 will not operate with Netegrity SiteMinder.

Volker Weber, 2003-07-16

time to switch to Tivoli Access Manager ;-))

marco foellmer, 2003-07-16

PS -- marketing launch might not be next week, but it will definitely be this month...

Ed Brill, 2003-07-17

Where is this located on the IBM site?

All i see available are the resource/dev kits for sametime. Where exactly do you see this for download ? I have gotten my RC6.5.2 working with WINE for my email, but the intergrated sametime app is the only non functioning feature when running off wine. Let me know, id really like to get on my companies im system w/o running VMware JUST for stupid IM chat.

Gary, 2004-07-08

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