Reviewing Pylon Application Server, part 1

by Volker Weber

Recently I installed XTNDConnect Server and wrote about my experience here. Today I learned that a Pylon license is enroute to vowe's magic flying circus. Expect to read more about this product RSN.

Update: The license key has already arrived. I am downloading the server as we speak. You can apply for a 30 day trial license at their site.

17 meg download. That was fast. One zip file with two installers: pylonServer.exe and pylonserverPocket PC.exe. So let's take down the Domino server and get the ol' Installshield going. The first thing it wants is the license key. If you don't have that already, there is no need to get started. Well, that went very well. Reboot time. TTYL.

[To german readers: Pylon gibt es in Deutschland bei Asensys. Nein, das ist kein Auto und auch kein Konzern. Das sind vielmehr nette Leute, die Ahnung haben. :-)]


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