Reviewing Pylon Application Server, part 2

by Volker Weber

[continued from part 1]

The server rebooted nicely and Pylon has installed itself as an add-in task. What I find most amusing is that I was asked to replace the title of this mini-review from Pylon ServerSync (the old name) with Pylon Application Server (the new one). Now look at the Domino log:

16.07.2003 20:07:12 Pylon ServerSync Release 5.2 - Initialization complete.
16.07.2003 20:07:12 Pylon: *Notes Release 6.0.2CF1

Maybe someone from marketing should talk to engineering and have them fix that as well. Funny. :-)

So, the server comes up OK and I have a bunch of new databases on the system. First thing will be to check their ACLs. Don't want any unwanted guests on my system. -Default- is Designer and Admin is Navypier/Avantgo. How bad is that? Now I need to go to the server console and fix this because I can't do it from here.

I took a quick look at the configuration database and found this entry (click on the image):


I enabled the memo pad but will switch that over to a journal file and I will need to enable the address book as well. But first things first. Check the ACL, read some documentation (I know, I know, should have done this first, but who does that anyway?). Then make a good backup of Clyde and overwrite instead of syncing the Domino databases. TTYL.


Now I need to go to the server console and fix this because I can't do it from here.

You are not a full access administrator on your server? With this R6 feature such things shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Michael Urspringer, 2003-07-16

No admin client on the Mac. It was faster to get to the server console than to boot a PC.

Volker Weber, 2003-07-16

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