It's show time, folks

by Volker Weber

Majo is all excited about the cute iSight product manager who shows us the packaging and the device. I guess he has not seen the girls with powertoys yet.

[via Bill and Rock]


Jaow... need... to... get... a... bikini? LOL

alexei, 2003-07-23

OK... I am SO ready to go out and build something right now!

Tom Duff, 2003-07-23

It's 'majo', not 'Mayo'. Mayo is a clinic while majo is a cynic.

majo, 2003-07-23

Sorry. Fixed.

Volker Weber, 2003-07-23

Thanks baby 8-)

majo, 2003-07-23

The cynic in me wanted to know if she was -really- the PM or not, so I googled. There are other bloggers writing as well, such as
and she has been quoted in several publications.
This is the usual interesting phenomena of putting someone "on camera" -- instant celebrity.
Girls with powertools was, uh, interesting too

Ed Brill, 2003-07-23

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