An engineer in love

by Volker Weber

Carl Tyler asks "Where's Thomas?":

Thomas Gumz my good old German buddy (and no I hardly ever mention the war) has been single for a while, and I have found like my brother when he is single he wants to go to the movies and go for drinks quite a bit. In other words they're desperate for company and call me.

Well For the last few weeks, Thomas has vanished, no more calls, his posts are down on the Forums, and I'm not getting the calls to go to the movies, and he's never home at the weekends.

It turns out he is madly in love. That is excellent news for Judy and Thomas:


And it is probably bad news for IBM, very bad indeed. He's most likely no longer working 14 hours a day on his next project. And there goes the weekend. :-)


Does she work for Microsoft? :-)

Bruce Elgort, 2003-07-25

Nope, our occupations are nicely diversified (just like your portfolio should be, too :-).

Thomas Gumz, 2003-07-25

Sooner or later it happens to the best of us. ;)
Congrats Thomas!

Vince Schuurman, 2003-07-27

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