Oliver Tunnat, Photographer

by Volker Weber


Today, Oliver took some pictures of me for a new project. I liked this one best. Thanks, Oliver !



Bruce, 2003-07-29

hey volk-ah, i gotta couple guys down at the docks ain't paid their dues dis month. think you could head down that way with BoBo and Paulie and crack a few knees?

jonvon, 2003-07-29

Re jonvon: LOL!

As for Bruce, don't worry Volker, he's rude about everyone's picture ;-)

Ben "Another scary looker" Poole

Ben Poole, 2003-07-29

I grew up in New Jersey. I can tell ya, Volker would not scare anyone there. His T-Shirt is too clean.

Joe Litton, 2003-07-29

Warning sign: Frightens young children, product marketing managers and wannabe architects.

Volker Weber, 2003-07-30

As for his t-shirt, you can tell he's not from Jersey:

There's no cut down the center of the V to extend the neck of the shirt... and I doubt that his sleeves have been cut off - all in an attempt to go for that "Joysey-boy" look. (For a reference, see: http://www.njguido.com/ )

Just my 2 cents....

-Chris "Thank God my kids look like my wife!!!" Toohey

PS- Our "little drummer boy" does get mean when it comes to others' pics, but he's a crabby 40 yr old IS manager (yikes!!!) - talk about "scary" :-P

Chris Toohey, 2003-07-30

Very cool spectacles BTW :-)

Ben Poole, 2003-07-30

Ben's right... you might even say they are brillen

Ed Brill, 2003-07-30

VW - glad I didn't see your photograph in Esther's posting here: http://vowe.net/archives/003522.html

Ich weiß schon, warum ich Männer mit Glatze mag :-)

Lyssa, 2003-08-06

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