Hydra is now SubEthaEdit

by Volker Weber


What used to be called Hydra is now SubEthaEdit. Seven brains are smarter than one became Fourty-two brains are smarter than one, a reference to a famous Mac user, the late Douglas Adams:

When I originally described The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, over twenty years ago, I was only joking. I didn't see myself as a predictive kind of science fiction writer, like Arthur C. Clarke who more or less single-handedly invented the communications satellite. The Guide was just a narrative device which allowed me to run off at tangents whenever the story seemed to be getting a bit dull.

But it turns out that I, inadvertently, had a terribly good idea. The Guide was compiled by researchers roaming round the galaxy, beaming their copy in, which was then instantly available to anybody to read. Over, believe it or not, something called the SubEthaNet.

The editor remains almost unchanged. New features and improvements:
- New name due to legal issues
- Includes new localization for: Dutch, Spanish

Rename your preferences file ~/Library/Preferences/org.globalse.Hydra.plist to ~/Library/Preferences/de.codingmonkeys.SubEthaEdit.plist before you start the new program.

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I hope that this new name will only be used temporarily. In other words, what a shitty name...

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-08-27

This editor is great, but new name is pretty scary :) I hope this is only temporary.

Nikita Zhuk, 2003-08-27

i really like the new name ... i just can't remeber it any time i want to start it via launchbar ... now its in the dock ... hrm.

Gottfaulbaer, 2003-09-23

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