ZOň Maintenance Release 0.4.6

by Volker Weber


Lots of bug fixes, enhancements, and new features. Use the little bug report icon.

This release is not backward compatible. For instructions on how to migrate your data from an earlier version, please refer to the mailing list.

While I am currently using ZOň as a client, I am getting ready to use it as a server. I could take down a complete Domino server ... Read what Jens-Christian has done already. Currently I have to go through so many hoops already because Domino won't do authenticated SMTP outbound that life would actually be easier. See the impressive list of protocols that ZOň supports. All written in Java so it runs anywhere.

The proposed setup would be easy: Let ZOň pull mail from numerous mailboxes via POP3 and send out mail via authenticated SMTP to the ISP relay. ZOň will then autoclassify and index mail locally and make it available through standard protocols and interfaces (HTML/HTTP, POP3, IMAP) and even new ones that Domino can't do like RSS or WebDAV. Then use any client against that server. Since I am hardly using Notes anymore for mail that would really not make much of a difference.

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