One more thing

by Volker Weber

Next week's keynote at the Mac Expo in Paris is going to be very interesting. What is that The Steve has up his sleeve? This week the 3rd generation iPod has been pushed from 10/15/30 gig to 10/20/40 and the iMac has been upgraded to 1.25 GHz, faster memory and graphics, USB 2.0 and 802.11g WLAN (a.k.a. Airport Extreme).

Holding my breath for "one more thing".


Could it be a preview of iTunes for Windows?

Joe Canadian, 2003-09-08

"...and the iMac has been upgraded to 1.25 MHz.."
Wow, thats fast!
Never thought that Macs would run on this speed...

Festus, 2003-09-08

No idea, what you are talking about. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-09-08

hmmm... good question....

possibly new powerbooks, especially the 15"
according to jobs, this year would be the year of the laptops... until now, it´s somehow disappointing...

perhaps bluetooth input devices (as seen in preview versions of panther)

panther could be demoed and / or released...

itunes4win and/or the apple music store for the rest of us should at least be announced.....

i.m still waiting for a newton successor ;-)

kind regards


toby, 2003-09-08 is waiting for your claims... ;-)

Rainer, 2003-09-08

Cheap G5s for people called Ben, that's what I'm hanging out for.


Ben Poole, 2003-09-08

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